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Chilly air all around,
She wants to scream
But she makes no sound.
Her world is spinning out of control,
There is no one,
She's all alone.
The speakers sing
A song of demise,
And no one hears her
As she cries.
There is no one at her door,
It's just her and the stone cold floor.
The clock ticks and
Realization strikes,
The girl has been lying
To herself the whole time.
She's scared for the future
And scared of the past,
She has no way to make
The silence last.
The screams from her brain
Just won't be silenced,
And she never thought her memories
Would become this violent.

This girl's been lying
To herself the whole time,
And she'd really like to say goodbye.
Hey! Look! Another fail exacution by yours truely.
Wait. Does it have the e? Truely, truly...
I dunno.
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August 10, 2009
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