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It's supposed to be cold and rainy,
So no shorts and no white.
Make sure to bring your rain coat,
And you musn't forget your umbrella.

I'll pick you up at six today, in the front.
Remember that.
Afterwards we must go shopping,
I need to pick up some milk.

Don't forget your jacket, darling!
You'll need it to fight the wind.

Hurry now, into the car.
I'll be late for my dentist appointment,
Which will make me late for work.

It's so early.
The sun's not even up!
No wonder it's so dark.

How was your day?
Oh, you musn't want to talk about it.
Was it that horrid?
I'm sorry,
But I forgot about your doctor's appointment.
We'll take you there first, then after to the store.

Stay here and don't move,
I'll be right back.
Don't you dare leave the car.

I've come back,
And I brought some rolls and milk.
I'll make hamburgers for dinner,
Or do you want to go out?

It's time to wake up.
I know you only got a little sleep,
But you musn't be late.
Or I'll be late.
And if I'm late,
Nothing good will happen.

Come, get up.
Today will be a busy day.
I've got to run down to the Jenkins' and watch their cat for a while they're out.
You'll be working, so that shouldn't bother you.
I'll pick you up in the same place, just like always.
Oh! Why are you wearing that?
It's supposed to be cold and rainy,
So take off those shorts and that white.
dA got rid of my category.
So now I'm using general...
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February 1, 2010
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